Lead Like a Shepherd

Isaiah 40:1 "He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young." The picture of Jesus as a good shepherd is one of my favorite.  Even before I became a mother I was enamored … Continue reading Lead Like a Shepherd


Do Hard Things

Is there something in your life that keeps beating you down?  Is there an issue that you are wrestling with on a reoccurring basis?  Do you have a proverbial enemy in a known sinful habit? Deuteronomy 7: 17 and 18 reads, "If you say in your heart, "These nations are more than I: how can … Continue reading Do Hard Things

Switch the Thoughts

Psalm 77 is a compelling example of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in action. C.B.T. shows the client how their underlying thoughts impact their emotions, and ultimately their behaviors. Identifying and changing negative thought patterns, in turn have positive influences on both the behaviors and emotions.  This Psalm reveals someone who is struggling with negative thoughts and then … Continue reading Switch the Thoughts

His Banner Part 1

The world’s largest banner was paid for by the fans of  Uruguay’s Club National de Football. This banner was a big deal in expense, in size ,and in weight. It cost 50 thousand United States dollars. After deciding upon the design, it took a year and a half to make the banner which measures 600 meters long … Continue reading His Banner Part 1

Flag Flying High

It is royal tradition in the United Kingdom that whenever the reigning monarch is present at one of the residential castles a special flag is flown from the flagpole there to signify the event. Seeing the Royal Standard means that the Queen is present on the grounds of that particular residence at the time.  The Union Flag usually flies … Continue reading Flag Flying High