Disarming Disappointments

I recently did a study on disappointment and unmet expectations and the promises of God. I want to share the principles of my study with you. Recognize God, "in all your ways acknowledge Him..." Proverbs 3:5,6. God is sovereign. His kingdom-rule has no boundaries. Look how God worked in the life of Joseph for example. It … Continue reading Disarming Disappointments


Chocolate in my Pocket

Do you remember the days of simplicity when life was grand if you just had a pocket?  She was just 5 years old and looked so cute and innocent in her denim jumper and pigtails.  She came greeting me with boundless energy , sweet smiles, and with a used popsicle stick poking out of a tiny top … Continue reading Chocolate in my Pocket

Overcoming Fear

Satan’s Strategy - Fear – keeps us in bondage, paralyzes - Programmed for fear- to accept as normal human response - Suspense/ horror media, books, movies, video games… - “Alone is unsafe.” - Need for self-protection, self-defense God’s Good Plan - Fear replaced with confident trust, freedom - rejoicing and singing (Isaiah 12:12) - rest … Continue reading Overcoming Fear